Bruce Dawe AO is perhaps one of the most influential Australian poets of all time.  There's lots more in his Wikipedia bio of his past achievements. 

But in his recent verse play Blind Spots (Picaro Press, 2013) , Bruce turned his ironic wit and poetic skills to dramatize the unexpected termination of Kevin Rudd as our PM, Julia Gillard's subsequent term of office, and Kevin Rudd's return. 

Bruce "is more than half in love with his victims. He pities them for those faults that, when seen as virtues, shoot them to power - then, not long afterwards, bring them crashing down." (Geoff Page, The Australian).

Blind Spots,
the musical, sets the majority of the verse play and maintains Bruce's irony but also sympathy, while engaging in a light-hearted romp through the strange history and the often stranger bit-players.

Bruce Dawe