It's both farce and tragedy: Australia's political life and times produced by our puppetmasters over the life of the last Australian Labor governments.

Though we've all now wallowed in The Killing Season and refreshed our love-loathing-bewilderment at the Kevin07-Julia-Kevin history in all its pontifical ABC seriousness--there's so much more to rake over!

The Independents! The miners! The Faceless Men! The Media! The pork barrellers! Dr Bob Brown! That perennial revenant, Mark Latham!  And more...

Drawn from major Australian poet Bruce Dawe's verse play, the musical Blind Spots leads us through Australia's leadership labyrinth, with the suburban guidance of everyman Ozzie Manning.  It stretches from the time of Kevin Rudd's first unseating to the dethronement of Julia Gillard and the resurrection of Kevin Victorious.

 Both Kevin and Julia reveal insights into their souls, but much more levity comes from the secondary characters, some crucial but still vaguely outside the centre such as a lycra-clad Tony Abbott, others figments of popular reality.

Mate, you couldn't make this un-reality show up... All you could do is set it to music, with a few singalongs to keep the punters content, as the characters dance their moments on the stage for control of our country and our lives.

And the best dance of all?  It has to be...the Misogyny Shuffle, complete with Dancing Girls, enraged Julia and baffled Tony.

The music?  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue....intentionally a vaudevillian mixture:
  • Kurt Weill-style cabaret piano-thumping!
  • Socialist hymns!
  • 1920s silent movie accompaniments!
  • Blues & Burlesque! Cocktail pianos in the Lodge!
  • Disney Princess tinkles! And Julia gets some waltzes too!
  • Oldies but goodies for singalong!... (hey! If it was okay for Showboat...)
We have a script. We have the songs, on paper even. We have worktapes. We have...a full-length, quintessentially Australian musical.

We're looking for interest from producers, directors, theatre companies, and Angels, to help move Blind Spots on a path to commercial and profitable production. We'd love to hear from any of you. 

     Tim Fatchen        PO Box 462  Mount Barker SA 5251  
                                Tel. 08 8391 1164  Fax 08 8391 5156

     Bruce Dawe       PO Box 272 Golden Beach  Q 4551

BLIND SPOTS:    Book & Lyrics by Bruce Dawe     Music by Tim Fatchen